You’re right there’s a trustless way to do this. We are reaching out to our network to figure out how we can take a programmatic approach. Ideally, we are looking for a smart-contract solution that will be able to control for a vesting period, and then afterwards the user is able to withdraw freely. If you are willing and able to assist with this, we can definitely talk more about it.

As for the scam part, I understand how this can seem like one. However, what I bring to the table as collateral to prove that it is not a scam is my reputation and transparency. I have my name publicly available on my Medium, I’ve been writing articles on Medium for a while and have built a fan base, and you can easily find me on LinkedIn and Twitter. If I were to do anything suspicious for this project, I can very easily be identified and brought to justice. My partner, John Lo, and I, have no intention of hiding behind avatars or using anonymity to swindle people and their hard-earned money. We saw an opportunity to create a win-win situation for every and decided to offer it.

That being said, I think, as a partial solution to this, I will add in a section about myself and John to the article (should’ve done this before). I’ll definitely send an update once we hit further milestones such as finishing up our website, adding in the portal, and launching a smart contract.

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