Thanks for this article, great perspective! One question: you mentioned your stance against BTC’s growth, but I also didn’t see any mention of an alternative like BCH (I’m not for or against BCH, I just usually see these two doing the dance together).

Do you expect any other coin to overtake BTC as the gold standard? I mean, it’s literally gold in the sense that there is no convenient way of transacting due to its high fees and limited blockchain throughput, which corners it as a store of value unless Lightning Network can really do what it promises.

Right now I see the supremacy of Bitcoin not only as a valuable cryptocurrency, but also a peg that the majority of other cryptos are latched on to, and the waves of Bitcoin prices are felt by all of the alts, not unlike the USD and the Asian Financial Crisis.

Exchanges are contributing to this dominance by using BTC as the primary asset for exchange, too. And small alts are measured in satoshis, rather than dollar value, which is pegged to BTC.

Any opinion on how you see BTC being dethroned, considering the intricate roots it’s dug into all aspects of the crypto world?

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