Sebastien, yes RaiBlocks has given great returns but so have the other coins. Because December and January have been (so far) such a bullish month for altcoins, overall my portfolio for this project is very green so far. This isn’t to say that once the market dips into bear territory I won’t be back where I started…

For returns, Everex (+546%), COSS (+522%), and DENT (+340%), I believe, are my top 3 returns so far. In my personal portfolio, my RaiBlocks returns are much higher than in this portfolio (+143%) because this portfolio entered RaiBlocks on December 30th, while RaiBlocks experienced most of its recent growth much earlier.

As for the other coins, I’ll definitely take a look at them. Thanks for the suggestion. I already have some POE and I might buy some for this wallet, too. Can you provide some information on the others?



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