The Oculus Quest 2 (Source: The Official Oculus Website)

Oculus Quest 2 Review: A Lot of Whoa with Some Hmm

What’s Great About the Quest 2

All the Things You Can Touch, Hit, Poke, Press, Stab, Throw, Juggle, Bounce…

First Steps for Quest 2 (Source: Official Oculus Website)
Touch all the things! Half-Life: Alyx (Source: Valve’s YouTube Channel)

Hand Tracking

The Immersion

Source: Gamespot YouTube Channel

The Resolution

Going to Theaters and Other Social Activities

Source: Bigscreen YouTube Channel

Physical Exercise

What’s Not So Great About the Quest 2

Some Privacy Concerns About Facebook Login and the Camera I Didn’t Know About

It’s Lonely

The Voice Chat Needs Further Consideration

The Headsets Are Annoying to Share

The straps and lens are custom-adjusted to fit each person

Typing Is Not Easy

If You Wear Glasses IRL, You Wear Them in VR

My girlfriend firing a virtual rocket.

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