I don’t mean to lecture, but it’s important that you do research before you educate others; otherwise, misinformation spreads.

Physical teleportation is still impossible. Despite the nomenclature, a photon was not physically teleported to a distance 300 miles from its original location. Quantum entanglement, the phenomenon behind quantum teleportation, gives us the spin of two entangled subatomic particles by observing one. The only “teleportation” that occurred was the spin, which in itself is still a feat because the experiment re-emphasized that 1) subatomic particles can be entangled regardless of distance and 2) the entanglement could be a potential representation of information (although that’s been theorized prior to this experiment). That informational representation could be, in the future, used to help create quantum communication, which would then potentially lead to a quantum internet, where we could send information using patterns of quantum entanglement regardless of distance (e.g., Earth to Mars). A photon didn’t disappear from one place and appear in another.

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