Hey Gil, thanks! Responding to your inquiries:

  1. If you send to a content creator that doesn’t have an account yet, we hold the money for them for 120 days. During that time, they can sign up whenever, verify that they own the account, and receive any appreciations to their account.
  2. The funds for fiat and held in PayPal, and the funds for crypto are held in Coinbase. We don’t hold the money in any of our own accounts. With crypto, we create an address for each deposit using Coinbase.
  3. We do have more plans for integration in the future; for now, one of the primary focuses is on getting this service into the most popular existing Internet websites. We are doing this to catalyze adoption for cryptocurrency by placing it side-by-side with fiat and sites that people already enjoy.
  4. We are still fidgeting with the business model. Currently, 75% of each Appreciation is going to the content creator, and 25% is going to the platforms (e.g., Reddit when you Appreciate on Reddit or Hackernoon when you appreciate on Hackernoon), any associated fees, and Worthyt. We group the 25% together right now because we are still trying to find a balance, which is something we’ll know better with more user data on deposits and usage. Another thing we are trying to balance is the overall distribution. Stay tuned!

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