Stop giving away company shares like candy on Halloween.

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Besides picking a company name, distributing shares is commonly an early task that most teams must do. It’s a tricky conversation that many first-time entrepreneurs tend to avoid, or worse, just split equally (continue reading to learn why). The conversation is especially uncomfortable because the project hasn’t started yet, and…

Joining an early-stage company is risky, but you can de-risk your decision.

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Joining an early-stage startup comes with many tradeoffs. In a team of just three to five other employees, the company can feel more like an interest club at times. On the one hand, you get much more autonomy, your work is likely to have more impact, and you enjoy the…

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COVID has pushed many US hospitals to the brink of financial collapse

It’s no secret that healthcare treatment in the United States is expensive. Drugs are costly — a Kaiser Family Fund survey published in 2019 reported that 79% of Americans considered the cost of prescription drugs to be unreasonable (the average prescription price for a single pill of a specialty drug…

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